Reason Why Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude

Ever notice your attitude will determine your altitude? Can you find a reason why? Read on to find out.
Consider the following two scenarios.
Scenario 1:
You are near a beach with your housewife. You have three children playing in the sand. You play with them for a while and come and lay beside your wife and bask in the sun. You hold a fun conversation with her. You are in harmony with your family. They can do nothing for you and yet, you are the earning member of the family and provide for your family lovingly. You even thought of bringing them to this great summer vacation and spending time near the beach.
Scenario 2:
You are at home fighting and disputing with your wife. Your children are crying helplessly. You are not earning enough for your family while you wife wants food on the table for the survival of the children at least. You quarrel more grumpily and have lost hope. How to provide for my family, you reflect. You ask, why is there so much scarcity in the family?
Given the two scenarios, the man in the first scenario treats family gently and well. He earns enough to provide for his family, all of whom depend on him helplessly. Yet, he is kind at heart and looks for ways to meet their needs. The Universe looks for ways to give further to this man since the Universe finds him the right vibration match to equip him further and carry him further up the ladder of success. The man's attitude has been tested by the Universe and he has passed the test. That is why the Universe is bending towards him to give him more. This is the magic of life, and attitude is the root of all.
In the second scenario, the man has a scarce mindset. He does not seem to know how to provide for his family and meet their needs. He suffers in silence. Yet, his attitude is responsible for his situation. He should work on to improve his skill set and get a higher paying job. He should encourage his wife to work also at whatever level she can. Together they can thrive and be a happy family. If he follows this attitude, the Universe will shower them with more abundance and wealth. The man initially needs to replace his scarce mindset with an abundant one. Soon money will flow in and they will be one of the happiest families in the neighborhood. The man needs to ask the right questions, have the right mindset and above all, have the right attitude and everything falls together then.
Summing up, the two scenarios help us to understand how attitude determines altitude for a man. He can rise up the ladder of success with the Universe magnifying him every step of the way only if he cares to have the right attitude. Because that will determine how much he will soar and the altitude he will reach. Gotcha?
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