A Frozen Shoulder May Be Helped by Chiropractic Care

Many may be unaware that a condition called frozen shoulder may be helped with chiropractic care. A frozen shoulder, sometimes called adhesive capsulitis is a painful restriction of the shoulder range of motion. It occurs in about 3% of adults. Typically, it occurs from trauma to the shoulder or overuse of the shoulder joint.
The shoulder joint is called a ball and socket joint. Along with the hip and thumb joints it is one of three joints in the body that can move in every direction. Because of this there are many muscles, tendons and ligaments associated with this joint. There is also an anatomical structure called the capsule which surrounds the joint and produces a lubricating fluid. This lubricating fluid is contained within the capsule.
When adhesive capsulitis occurs the patient may suffer from a mild discomfort and minimal loss of range of motion of the shoulder to excruciating pain and complete loss of ability to use the upper extremity. One research study published in the Journal of Back in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, October 2018 showed that of 148 adults, half of whom had frozen shoulder, identified a strong association between pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbance. The findings suggest that anxiety and disturb sleep are common among patients with frozen shoulder.
Fortunately, chiropractic care, is a conservative, safe, cost-effective therapy aimed at reducing pain and improving motion of the affected shoulder joint. Chiropractors are trained to determine what is causing the loss of shoulder motion. Anatomically, many shoulder structures may be involved. The shoulder joint has bursas, tendons and ligaments and muscles involved with the joint. Any of these anatomical items may be damaged and need treatment. A chiropractor may use physiological therapeutics such as heat, cold, electrical muscle stimulation and deep tissue pressure therapy to help these areas.
Additionally, as mentioned earlier, there may be problems with the shoulder joint capsule. One type of damage that occurs with the capsule of the shoulder joint is called an adhesion. Adhesions are a type of scar tissue that occurs when the capsule has suffered trauma. The adhesions restrict movement of the shoulder joint and are very painful. Chiropractors are trained to gently manipulate the shoulder joint to safely release adhesions and help the joint to move properly once again.
Doctors of Chiropractic have been helping patients with frozen shoulders for over 125 years. If a patient is looking for a nonsurgical, drug-free treatment for shoulder pain they should consider chiropractic consultation for help.
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